Too long sits, Is reasonable in frequency and Seriousness

Too long sits, Is reasonable in frequency and Seriousness - the human body is not designed to perform repetitive tasks and spend a lot of time to sit in front of a computer in order to complete all the tasks in the Office. Risk of lower back pain as well asarms can not dielak.

"I saw a huge spike in the number of people with knee pain, lower back pain, as wellas arm due to a job that requires them too long sits. Plus also the current lifestyle isfar from healthy, "said spokesman said the Organization of Physiotherapy in United States Sammy Margo quoted from the website of the Times of India, Wednesday (20/8/2015)

Sammy continued, one study in America found out, staring at a computer screen for hours make us burn 120 to 140 calories less than the individual who was born 50 years ago.

Sammy ever give simple tips to stay healthy despite the routine work like that.

1. Instead of using the phone to call a colleague's Office who sits at the other end, mending use your foot to approach that person. Despite the close quarters, if it's done over and over again will certainly burn calories in the body.

2. Sit upright, not slouch when in front of the computer. Drop your shoulders down,back straight, and don't sit with crossed legs.

3. Please exit the Office building to seek fresh air. Break every one hour once for 15minutes to walk up and down the stairs.

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