This Type Of Food Could Help Fight Cancer

This Type Of Food Could Help Fight Cancer - Until a cure for cancer be found, consume healthy foods especially foods that has indeed been scientifically proven it can help fight cancer was the only way to overcome the disease.

The following foods are as reported by the pages of the Times of India, on Wednesday (20/4/2016).

Beans and lentils
Consume beans, especially soybeans can lower the risk of cancer of the colon and pancreas.

Tomatoes have a high content of carotenoids, and will eat up as much as 8 to 10 servings of tomatoes or tomato-based foods in a week could help reduce damage caused by prostate cancer.

Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts
Vegetables such as broccoli mixture, brussels sprouts and cabbage can lower the overall risk of cancer.

Eat raw garlic regularly can reduce the chances of developing cancer of the lungs and can also protect the stomach and colon cancer.

Flax seed
Flax seed can help reduce the risk of developing cancer of the breast and prostate. Lignin compounds found in it can slow the growth of cancer cells.

Avocados contain glutathione that may help prevent certain cancers. Molecules in avocados can directly attack cancer cells of leukemia.

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