Avoid Eating Fish Head From Now On, Why?

Avoid Eating Fish Head From Now On, Why? - Behind the health benefits, fish also have natural toxins that can not be removed bythe process of cooked or frozen. The thing is, fish in the sea of Indonesia so abundant and high-protein food.

As revealed by the food and drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) in bookletnya that mention poison, Ciguatoksin for example, the most commonly encountered. These toxins come from marine microorganisms, dinoflagelata which attach and grow on dead coral.

Ciguatoksin generally accumulate on internal organs, head, and fish scales. These toxins are also found in herbivores and carnivores. Likewise with fish that live in the corals, such as Potato grouper, Tiger grouper, High Fin Grouper, Hump Head Wrasse,Flowery Grouper and Leopard Coral Grouper (grouper).

Then how to prevent poisoning fishery products? BPOM recorded 7 points to note are:

1. don't eat fishery products especially fish living in the coral in bulk

2. do not place fishery products that are not clearly the type and its origin

3. reduce consumption of fish especially large size (over three pounds)

4. avoid eating the head of the shrimp, fish head and organs in fishery products due to the buildup of toxins on that part

5. avoid taking any organs in the reef fish and scales

6. avoid alcoholic beverages and nuts when consuming coral reef fish because it canincrease the severity of poisoning

7. save the fishery products at low temperature to prevent the growth of bacteria

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