Biscuits To Trigger The Appearance Of Breast Cancer?

Biscuits To Trigger The Appearance Of Breast Cancer? - A number of studies show, some cancer risks associated with the food. Interestingly,some foods can prevent and thus there is also an increased risk of cancer such as biscuits which often we consume as snacks.

Nutritionist Dr. Claire Robertson and biochemist Dr Dwek, Miriam said, actually thatwas feared from the biscuit is hidden fat to avoid trans fatty acids (FAT terhidrogenasi) which increase total cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol (HDL).

"The risk of cancer is much influenced by the diet (especially if you're eating enoughfruits and vegetables), weight loss, workout, whether you smoke or drink alcohol," he said, as quoted Dailymail, Monday (14/9/2015).

In 2007, a study found, women with high levels of trans fat in her body three times affected risk of heart disease. Other studies mention that trans fat can also cause different types of cancer, including breast cancer, plus a number of other diseases, including stroke, gall stones, and diabetes type 2. Trans fats also associated with decreased immune function and quality of BREAST MILK is low in mothers who are breastfeeding.

However, a number of research continues to analyze compounds in certain foods, such as the Mediterranean diet which is believed to reduce the risk of breast cancer,especially in women post-menopause

Claire pun said, there is one simple diet recommendations that could prevent the risk of cancer and improve your health, eat at least five portions namely (400 g) vegetables and fruit per day.

"Vegetables and fruit have a high content of antioxidants that prevent the oxidation process (in which oxygen molecules join with other chemicals to create damage togenes in the cell) so that it lowers the risk of cancer," cetusnya.

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