This is Why it is important Choose Nutrient

This is Why it is important Choose Nutrient - Laden Breakfast many people choose the breakfast menu is practically without regard to content in it. When the nutrients inbreakfast menu should be advised, especially for children so that the growing and important role optimally.

"After the body fast at night, the body's nutritional intake is needed to replace the unused at night. At least breakfast contains 15-35 daily total energy needs. Component in any breakfast must be observed for the sake of growing flower children optimally. "said physician observer lifestyle, GraceJudio-Kahl.

Nutritional intake of a healthy breakfast contain elements Go, Grow, Glow, each of which refers to foods containing carbs, protein and vegetables and fruit. It was revealed a doctor Grace in the campaign Week themed ' healthy breakfast start the day with Breakfast And Nestle Indonesia ' held in Semarang, Central Java, Thursday (29/2/2016).

"Go refers to the content of carbohydrates as an energy source. Grow i.e. protein that supports growth and maintain health. As well as Glow refers to vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruits, "said doctor Grace on the campaign held on Sunday (28/2/2016).

When the child's breakfast intake fulfilled this made him more focused, good mood,to prevent obesity in children.

In addition to Semarang, healthy breakfasts campaign by Nestle did have first doneat 21 last February.

"Through this campaign objective encourage healthy breakfast by giving information to the mothers. So the mothers provide a healthy breakfast for her children, "saidNutrition, Health and Wellness Manager Nestle Indonesia, Mira Susanti.

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