What is the impact of Consuming Food called Sirtuins?

What is the impact of Consuming Food called Sirtuins? - Every year the food trendsare always changing. Food became the primary focus for people who do any diet changes from time to time.

As reported by the Independent, Thursday (14/01/2016) Aidan Goggins and nutritionist Glen Matten stringing a book titled The Sirtfood Diet. The second reason nutritionists that launched his foolishness and finds spike in the search menu and healthy diet in online sites.

The title of the books they publish, namely Sirtfood, presents some questions aboutthe meaning of food originating from sirt called Sirtuins.

The gene is called sirtuins that serves to regulate the formation of muscle and fat buildup, and can slow down aging. Foods that contain called sirtuins is derived from the type of food that is rich in protein.

One team from the Evening Standard did testing whether consuming food called sirtuins seven days have positive and negative effects to the body. The study then showed the level of energy of people who eat the food called sirtuins, and balanced sports, have energy levels yangf higher than before.

But a new study published in the Journal of Physiology indicates that consuming food called sirtuins can make physical activity such as exercise becomes less effective, and lower blood pressure.

Further studies will be conducted to find out the cause of blood pressure due to dairy foods called sirtuins.

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