Protein from lean red meat can be a heart

Protein from lean red meat can be a heart - Sehatkan still doubt whether eating red meat is safe for your health? No need to hesitate because of recent research published in the Journal of Nutrition shows, eating animal protein can improve your cardiovascular health!

Study finds individuals consuming more protein from plant-based protein than animal, have lower blood pressure and arterial vessels more healthy than eating less protein.

Researchers track benefits imposes an increasing heart health due to factors of amino acids. Our body cannot produce its own amino acids, therefore the body requiresdietary intake of proteins such as processed products like milk, fish, wheat, and legume (a type of nuts). Previous studies showed that mengonsumi more amino acids can lower blood pressure.

But in this study, researchers at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom want to ensure amino acids which are the most beneficial for heart health, derived from animal or vegetable from. They only focus on the seven types of amino acids, three of which are only found in animals. They then examined the blood pressure and arterial stiffness from 1900 women and found individuals who generally consume more protein (about 89 grams per day) have significantly lower blood pressure.

Even the most shocking fact, researchers found that only amino acids derived fromanimal protein is associated with low levels of arterial stiffness, the main factors cause of attack jantrung and stroke. Improvement of the health of the arteries in women who consumed the most amino acids equivalent benefits if you quit smoking.

You can get the benefits of amino acids necessary for healthy arteries with consuming 2.5 oz of steak; 3.5 oz of salmon, or 0.47 liters of milk every day, obviously researchers.

However, we recommend that you do not then ignore the vegetable protein obtained from whole wheat, nuts, soy, and black beans. Women who consume protein from all sources have lower blood pressure. Furthermore the vegetable protein is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals are also needed body.

In conclusion, increasing the protein intake and make sure it gets the amino acids derived from animal protein may be the easiest way to maintain cardiovascular health, offered from pages Prevention, Thursday (24/9/2015).

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