The danger of origin Choose to eat for people with metabolic syndrome

The danger of origin Choose to eat for people with metabolic syndrome – people with metabolic syndrome have to more carefully selecting food intake daily. Avoid eating unhealthy food because of the potentially life-threatening.

Such warnings which are written in The FASEB Journal. The editor in chief Gerald Weissman says, the desire of eating unhealthy foods such as fast food is high content of sugar and salt is the difficult situation in which the brain said ' yes ' while the body is ' no '.

From there, Gerald draw conclusions, they need to use the brain and hear his own body in order to avoid unwanted conditions. He said, "in fact, one of unhealthy snack foods have an impact big enough to the body. This long term consequences that must be accepted because a momentary pleasure. "

The biggest consequence would received those with metabolic syndrome as a patient of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

According to Gerald, drinking a glass of medium-size high-calorie shake milk can aggravate the occurrence of recurrences. Let alone if they try eating a fast food with the calories of almost 1000 kcal.

One colleague Gerald named Dr. Suzan Wopereis has said, this approach aims at the prevention of the occurrence of the disease acts as a highly optimized lifetime.

In order to get relevant results, Gerald and Suzan involves two groups of respondens for this research. The first group consists of 10 healthy volunteers (men), the second group consists of nine volunteers with the metabolic syndrome, and one that hasa combination of two or more risk factors for heart disease.

Blood samples were taken from all participants, before and after consuming high-fat milkshakes. Researchers measured 61 key biomarkers in blood samples, includingcholesterol and blood sugar.

They found a biochemical processes related to sugar and fat metabolism, and inflammation are abnormal in people with metabolic syndrome.

Ten volunteers (men) are also given healthy snacks consisting of additional 1300 calories per day, in the form of sweets and savory foods, including chocolate, cake, peanuts and crisps, for four weeks. Researchers then evaluate 61 biomarkers from blood samples of participants.

As quoted from the website of the Daily Mail, Thursday (5/11/2015), they found thata hormone that regulates the metabolism of fats and sugar control, change and inflamed

The change, they said, similar to the beginning of a very subtle health effects similar to those affecting people with metabolic disease.







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