The best way of Barring the second heart attack without drugs

The best way of Barring the second heart attack without drugs - advice given to people with a high risk of having a heart attack was pretty emphatic and clear. If your cholesterol level is high, excess body weight (obesity) or have high blood pressure, along with other risk factors, you have to reduce the consumption of animal fats, eat a lot of vegetables or herbs and exercising to strengthen the heart muscle. In fact, rehabilitation programs for people who have heart problems only ranged in the same advice.

Many studies show that people who look at diet and exercise have smaller chances for having a heart attack. But what about those who have experienced a heart attack? How well they lived through it and how big the effect of changes in the pattern of life that they do?

Dr. Michael Blaha and his colleagues from the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease had good news about it. In the study, published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, they found that people who do sport better before thefirst heart attack more than likely survive such attacks than those who exercised less.

The researchers studied the electronic health record over 2.000 men and women who underwent a treadmill test as a way to gauge how fit they are. People who value the highest fitness has the possibility of 40 percent smaller for died after their first heart attack compared with those who have the fitness numbers smaller. And peoplewith a number of smaller fitness again died a year after their first suffered a heart attack.

"His thinking was if you basically already fit, you are better able to withstand a slur and have good results if you are having a heart attack," said Blaha.

"This is an extraordinary effect. These findings are particularly relevant because many people have at least some risk factors for heart disease, "he said, reported by the from page Health, Wednesday (3/2/2016).

These results suggest that making changes with the goal that certainly can be very important in helping them to stay healthy even if they are indeed having a heart attack. "Most of my patients come because they worry about their risk of having a heart attack," said Blaha.

"They have a family history that have heart problems, or high cholesterol, or formerly smoked, and they want to know what they can do. Now we know if risk factors they still controlled well and improve fitness body, they will have a greater chance to survive if they are having a heart attack, "body size.

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