Boost the immune system of the body this way

Boost the immune system of the body this way – the best way to stay healthy is to maintain durability or the immune system of the body. With the diet and the right food choices, you can boost the immune system and prevent disease.

Here are some eating patterns that can be applied to improve the body's immune, quoted from pages Abouthealth, Monday (4/4/2016):

1. avoid excess eating

Constantly eating an excess of bisamemengaruhi the immune system of the body. One way to avoid eating excess is by practicing eating slowly until you feel 80 percentfull.

Consuming this food contains too much saturated fat and omega-6 fatty acids could interfere with the digestive system and immune system. Healthy fats is important to any diet, but should be careful of eating animal fats.

3. avoid excess sugar

Add sugar and high Glycemic rate of diet can reduce the function of white blood cells and cause the body prone to inflammation.

4. Enough protein

Protein deficiency can lower the body's immune system. At least the guy should betaking two balls protein-rich foods every meal while the women simply one hand balls.

5. Rainbow excited Meal

Defiensi nutrition is common amongst adherents of healthy eating patterns. To keep the immune system remains good, you need to intake of vitamins and minerals. Consuming fresh colorful vegetables is the best way to keep your intake of nutrients the body remain fulfilled.

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