Learn about the skin cancer Melanoma from now on Diagnosis, prevention, and cause

The Diagnosis Of Melanoma Skin Cancer
Doctors can diagnose melanoma after conducting the checks, though usually theywill refer You to a specialist skin (Dermatology) or plastic surgeon if they think thatyou are suffering from melanoma. So if you notice any changes in the shape of a mole, soon encountered the doctor.
In most cases, a network of moles that are considered suspicious will be dissected and studied whether cancer has become. This process is referred to as a biopsy. To check if the melanoma has already spread to other parts of the body, an examination of the sentinel node biopsy can also be done.

Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment
If melanoma is already undiagnosed and is still at an early stage, the operation will usually be successful cure skin cancer. But, to prevent melanoma appears again, youshould continue follow-up care. The only treatment of melanoma is surgery, although all treatment depending on Your condition.
If melanoma is not diagnosed until a critical stage, treatment is done to slow the spread and reduce the symptoms that are occurring. At this stage, it is usually neededmedicines, such as chemotherapy.

Reappearance of melanoma
There is the possibility of melanoma will come back if you have ever suffered frommelanoma. If the cancer has already spread and critical, then the risk You are exposed to it again will increase.
You might have to do regular checks to monitor health, especially if the team handling your cancer feels that there is a likely melanoma will resurface. How to check if there are tumors in the skin, You will usually be taught by a team of doctors on duty.

Prevention Of Skin Cancer Melanoma
You can reduce the chances of suffering from this disease with skin so as not to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet light, despite the occurrence of melanoma is not always preventable. One of prevention of melanoma which is easy to do is to use sunscreen and wear clothes that are equipped to protect skin from the damaging sun exposure.
To increase the success of treatment and in order to be able to get a diagnosis from the beginning, You are advised to check moles and spots on a regular basis.

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