Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?


There are loads of reports online that cannabis oil cures tumor. Cannabis has been utilized for a considerable length of time as an approach to unwind patients and straightforwardness torment. Be that as it may, might it be able to likewise cure them totally?

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A video from the BBC demonstrates that a few individuals who have growth have recuperated from the malady in the wake of taking cannabis oil. Another report from the Day by day Mail (an English daily paper) recounts the account of Mike Cutler, 63, who found a YouTube video about cannabis oil and chose to attempt it. His specialists have affirmed that his disease has vanished.

There are at present loads of studies being done to figure out if or not cannabis can be utilized to cure malignancy; it is conceivable that it doesn't work for everyone, or on each kind of growth.

Dr Kat Arnley from Growth Research UK (an English philanthropy which inquires about cures for tumor) says that "right now there isn't great proof from clinical trials to demonstrate that cannabis can securely and viably treat malignancy in patients."

It might be too early to know whether cannabis can cure growth, however studies are being done in numerous nations.

Be that as it may, one major issue remains; purchasing cannabis is unlawful in numerous nations. Mike Cutler told the Day by day Mail that he got his cannabis oil from a street pharmacist toward the starting, before choosing to develop his own plant. He is currently crusading for the administration to make it lawful in the UK for therapeutic reasons.

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