This Plant Is Proven To Destroy Breast Cancer Cells In A Day!

Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases by womenfolk. The disease has killed many of its victims worldwide. Although dangerous, we especially the women could do prevention efforts. One of his efforts is often consume artemisinin. You know what that artemisinin? The plant looks like it are familiar to us, because we can find that many plants grow in the pages of the grounds of the House. If you are fond of vegetables in Sundanese, this plant is a common type of plant consumption as fresh vegetables.

This info I got from a friend of the Office, a few days ago on the sidelines of the talks when he told the training benefits several types of plant's yard. One of them is artemisinin, a plant a plant that often our consumption as fresh vegetables at home. Then I tried to find info details on google. And ... It turns out that I have recently learned that Artemisia annua or sintrong (Sundanese term) is a type of plant that has tremendous benefits. Besides being able to cure the disease of breast cancer, especially cancer of this plant also can treat malaria. I never thought that this plant has content to cure cancer, though for my family this plant is indeed a type of plant that is familiar because my dad since it first as a child until now always planted it in the yardof the House.

According to a study published by Life Science, this plant has been used in the treatment of China and is capable of killing 98 percent of breast cancer cells only in less than 16 hours. These plants contain substances that Act of lowering of 98 percent of breast cancer cells, if this plant combined with plant wormwood, the result would eliminate almost all the cancer cells in your body.
Artemisinin is derived from the wormwood plant (Artemisia annua). Extracts of this plant has been used in China to fight malaria for thousands of years. The bioengineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington, Seattle, are two scientists who first discovered this. The results of their research have proven that cancer cells undergo apoptosis (crushed by itself).
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